Discovering Plant Breeding Software:

AGROBASE Generation II®

Will plant breeding software offer a return on the investment of my time and effort
as well as my organization's financial resources?

Will the plant breeding software solution strengthen my research program and help me to gain a competitive edge?

Adopting new software for a plant breeding or variety testing program is a major decision.

Typical questions are:

  • Will the software meet my plant breeding and/or variety testing needs?
  • Does the plant breeding software offer additional benefits beyond current system(s)?
  • Is the plant breeding software flexible enough to accommodate some of my specific needs?
  • Will I be able to easily and efficiently import my past plant breeding data into this new software system?
  • Will I receive help in implementation, and how is this often done?
  • Is the software relatively easy to learn and how difficult will it be train others?
  • Will this plant breeding software offer a return on the investment for my time and effort as well as my organization’s financial resources?
  • Will the software strengthen my plant breeding, variety testing or yield trials research program and help me to gain a competitive edge?

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Here you will learn how we can help your Plant Breeding, Crop Development or Variety Testing program.

Getting Started With AGROBASE Generation II®

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We would encourage you to begin your discovery of AGROBASE Generation II® by viewing some of our online tutorials. This is really the fastest and most immediate way to begin your assessment for your needs. It only takes a minute to create your own account and start watching a few tutorials. This is a great way to get the "look and feel" of the software's interface and basic functionality. Just click on the link to our Learning Center  and start with the introductory tutorial videos to get an overview and understanding of how the software functions. Be sure to also look at the video on Version 38, our most current release. Remember that AGROBASE Generation II® is an enterprise wide application, a client-server application built on a Microsoft SQL-Server® database. This application typically runs on a server with many users connected over the internet or on a LAN, but it can also run on a standalone PC or even a laptop as happens during our training courses worldwide.

Continue by dialoguing with us at Agronomix Software

If after viewing the tutorials, you want to go further with your discovery and evaluation, we will need to dialogue with you to determine the next step. The more we know about your needs in plant breeding or variety testing software, the better we can interact with you. We invite you to fill out an information request form and tell us more about your needs and expectations in a software solution for your research. We have several options to give you a thorough evaluation of our software. The most popular one by far is an internet web conference where we can talk with you while showing you on your computer how the software can work for you. How a software system functions is one thing – how it will function for you is another. We can even do this with your own data if you would like to send us some files from your research program – past experiments, entry lists, and more. We have found that software presentations with some of an inquirer’s own data are more meaningful. This way, we can show you some specific capabilities – such as for hybrid crops breeding or seed (stock) inventory. There are other options in the evaluation process – please inquire and we would be most pleased to discuss with you. We want you to make the best software decision for your research program.

Discovery Tutorials

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