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January 2020

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Any of your staff will be able to join the demonstration, during which we will introduce you to Agronomix and our software which has been developed over 30 years with input from users around the world.

Our demos are 60-90 minutes long and provided by an experienced PhD-level Plant Breeder - someone who truly understands your needs, able to show you how to obtain the best results.

Dr Dieter Mulitze, Founder and CEO

Dieter Mulitze, PhD
(Plant Breeding and Quantitative Genetics)

Dieter has over 10 years of plant breeding experience and over 25 years experience in software development for plant breeding and variety testing.

Dr Tariq Mahmood, Software Support Specialist

Tariq Mahmood, PhD
(Plant Breeding and Genetics)

Tariq has over 15 years of plant breeding experience and is listed on patents of over 20 maize hybrids from his time with a large multinational seed company.