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Winnipeg Manitoba

Agronomix Software, Inc., is a Canadian software development company established in 1990, with corporate headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Agronomix Software is a 100% Canadian owned-company incorporated under the laws of the province of Manitoba, Canada.


Agronomix Software Inc. was founded by Dr Dieter Mulitze, the CEO and Founder. Dr Mulitze’s career in software development began with studies in mathematics and computer science at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. After a year, Dr Mulitze transferred to the University of Guelph into the agriculture program, graduating in 1977.


Our expertise includes combined staff experience of over 160 man-years in agronomic research, plant breeding, statistics, genetics, and software development. The president and founder of our company, Dr Dieter Mulitze, holds a PhD in quantitative genetics from the University of Saskatchewan. In total, there are three PhDs in software development and support, plus staff with computer science degrees, as part of the Agronomix Software team.

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We develop, market, and support software solutions for plant breeders and agronomists around the world. We are committed to supporting our clients in managing and utilizing their research data to maximize the return on their investment in research and software.


For scientific publications and presentations or proceedings relevant to AGROBASE Generation II, and authored or coauthored by Dr Mulitze.

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