Cloud Deployment

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We can host your data with our software on the cloud – highly secure, global access, always backed up – no worries.

Some of our users have experienced hardware failures wherein months of data have been lost. In a few cases, incredibly, the responsible IT staff did no backups for weeks or months, with serious consequences. In other cases, client IT response has been slow, with users waiting weeks or months for an update for our software. Others compared the costs of outsourcing their IT and discovered that our costs are less. Since we know our software and all the requirements best, we can do the tasks faster and more reliably.

These are some of the reasons why more of our users around the world, as well as many of our recent new clients, are choosing our cloud software as a service option. We take care of it all – selecting the server according to your needs, all the installation, moving your data to the cloud, all the scalability changes done in hours if your needs increase, all updates, all the maintenance, faster and more direct support, all the backups and more – following the highest industry standards. Reduce the risk of hackers, worms, viruses and more. We use the Azure® or AWS® datacentres around the world, with your own private space on your server, for highest level of security. Our larger clients request geo-redundancy where all the data is also backed up onto another datacentre. We recommend that clients download a backup to their premises as well.

Popular and easy cloud deployment

Consider our cloud deployment for all the concrete advantages so that you can focus on what you do best.